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Newborn preparation

​Our tailored antenatal education program focuses on life with a newborn baby. We address many of your common concerns including optimising sleep for your whole family, the most effective crying and settling strategies, maximising developmental potential, and breastfeeding/bottle feeding education to give you and your baby the best possible beginning.​ Our program will give you the confidence and tools to prepare for your new arrival.


Our approach is based on cued care, which is sensibly responding to your baby in the way you think they are cueing for. Cued care nurtures the healthy development of your baby: their little brain, body, and emotional development. Our methods are underpinned by the latest medical research and build your resilience as parents to support your mental health. 

For families having their second baby, this session is an opportunity to discuss any problems experienced with your first baby and strategies to help prevent similar issues. The best time to book this consultation is in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Book now to learn the skills to survive the newborn period and thrive in the future!

Newborn preparation package

2 x 90 minute online sessions, comprehensive summary of consultation including breastfeeding/bottle feeding plan

HKD $3000

Antenatal breastfeeding education


Even though breastfeeding is a natural process, it's still a skill that can take time to learn and develop. held. recommends that breastfeeding education starts before your baby is born. This session focuses on getting your breastfeeding journey off to the best start by teaching you the Gestalt breastfeeding method: the revolutionary approach to easy, effective, pain-free breastfeeding. The session includes a feeding plan for after birth, in hospital and at home, and bottle feeding education as well.

This session can be especially useful if your previous breastfeeding journey did not go as planned.

For families expecting their first baby, held. recommends the Newborn preparation antenatal education program above, which includes this antenatal breastfeeding education component.

Antenatal breastfeeding education

90 minute online consultation, comprehensive summary and breastfeeding plan

HKD $2000

Newborn, baby and toddler consultation

Whilst families often have a specific concern, a consultation is comprehensive and may include: sleep, feeds, growth, crying, and parent’s health.

All babies and all families are different. Our approach is tailored to what's right for you and your family.

Sleep support

The held. sleep program is the antithesis of traditional sleep training, providing sleep help that doesn’t let your baby cry.

Our program is based on the latest medical evidence and utilises your child's biological rhythms and hormonal regulators of sleep. We focus on day time changes to make night time sleep easy and stress-free. The program is based on 'cued care' (responding to your child in the way you think they are asking) and supports your child’s healthy physical and emotional development. We support your child's specific sleep needs and what's right for your family. Book now for a better night's sleep or chat with us to find out more about our innovative sleep program!

held. can help with:

-       Optimising sleep with a newborn

-       Establishing healthy sleep patterns

-       Early morning waking

-       Frequent or excessive night waking or being awake for long periods overnight

-       Difficulties with naps

-       Difficulty getting your child to fall asleep or stay asleep

-      Difficulty getting your child to sleep in the evening

-       Concerns that your child is overtired, learning bad sleep habits or not learning to self-settle

-       Child only sleeping in your arms ('contact naps') or not transferring into a cot

-       Concerns about bed sharing and night feeding​

Consultation package

Pre-consultation questionnaire, 90 minute online consultation, comprehensive management plan and 15 minute follow up phone call

HKD $2000

Online follow up consultation

HKD $600/30 minutes

Feeds and unsettled behaviour

At held. we understand that even though breastfeeding is a natural process, it’s still a skill that can take time to learn and develop. And sometimes your breastfeeding journey doesn't go as planned. We can support you and your baby on your breastfeeding journey.

The Gestalt breastfeeding program was developed from ultrasound studies of breastfeeding biomechanics and is the latest evidence-based approach to easy, enjoyable breastfeeding.

held. can help with:

- Breastfeeding establishment

- Difficulties latching

- Painful feeds or sore nipples/breast pain

- Concerns that baby isn't getting enough milk or growth concerns

- Fussiness on the breast and back arching

- Concerns about milk supply or generous milk supply

- Marathon feeds

- Concerns about your baby crying, fussing or being unsettled

- Concerns about reflux, tummy pain, wind or tongue tie

- Expressing

- Difficulties bottle feeding​

- Weaning and introduction of solids

Consultation package

Pre-consultation questionnaire, 90 minute online consultation, comprehensive management plan and 15 minute follow up phone call

HKD $2000

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