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Being a new parent is a joyous time but it also can be a confusing and challenging time as well. It often comes at a cost to your sleep, leaving you with nothing left to give, at a time when you want to give your baby everything.

held. are here to support your family through this time. We can help with sleep issues, crying and unsettled behaviour, and breastfeeding problems. We also have a special antenatal education program for parents-to-be, focusing on life with a newborn baby.

Our comprehensive, evidence-based approach understands that your baby's wellbeing and your family's wellbeing are intricately connected. Thus to give your baby the best possible start in life, we need to support your unique family unit as a whole.

About held.

At held. we understand that having a baby can be a challenging time. Many families experience baby and toddler sleep, crying and breastfeeding issues, and find that the traditional advice simply doesn’t work for them.

The held. approach goes beyond assessing a problem in isolation, recognising that you, your baby, and your family unit need to be considered together. Our comprehensive approach considers families in terms of 5 areas: feeds, sleep, baby's health and sensory needs, and carer health; understanding that these 5 areas are interrelated and interact to influence your wellbeing and your baby's wellbeing.


The held. philosophy is based on Neuroprotective Developmental Care (also known as NDC or the Possums programs). Founded in Australia in 2011, NDC is based on 20 years of medical research and supports your baby's developing brain. NDC also supports your mental health, helping you to meet the challenges of parenthood.


held. is proudly the only provider of this revolutionary style of care in Asia.

About our founder

Dr Clementine David is an accredited Neuroprotective Developmental Care Practitioner, an Australian trained paediatrics doctor, and a mother of two. In 2016, Clementine moved to Hong Kong with her husband and 3 month old baby, and as she navigated life with a newborn, she realised there was something missing in the care of babies and families in the 852: a trusted source of the latest medical research, provided in an accessible way. An approach that nurtures the development of babies and families. And held. was born.

Dr Clementine David MBBS (Hons) BMedSc DCH is a registered medical practitioner in Australia and does not practice paediatric hospital-based medicine in Hong Kong.


Dr Clementine David pictured here


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Our Approach to Sleep

Our Approach to Sleep
Our Approach to Sleep

Our Approach to Sleep

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Gestalt Breastfeeding

Gestalt Breastfeeding

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Newborn Preparation

Newborn Preparation

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Our Comprehensive Approach

Our Comprehensive Approach

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What we do

Expecting a baby? Congratulations!

Our preparation session covers the newborn essentials: sleep, feeding and settling strategies to give you the confidence and tools to prepare for your new arrival!

Newborn preparation

Not sleeping like a baby? Excessive night waking or problems with day naps?

Our innovative sleep program works with your baby's hormones and is the antithesis of traditional sleep training


Breastfeeding establishment?

Difficulties latching?

Painful feeds? Marathon feeds? Problems with bottle feeds? Concerned about reflux, tummy pain or wind? held. can help with our evidence-based approach to easy, enjoyable breastfeeding!



'Clementine has a unique approach in the sense that she does not only focus on the baby but on the whole family's well-being. I was very impressed by the high quality of her services: not only did our sleep issues were solved after a couple of weeks following her advice, but I could see from the time she spent with us and her messages that she really cares. I cannot recommend her enough.'

Céline, Hong Kong

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